Finding a really good trucking company can be a monumental challenge to face. With the economic downturn of the last few years, jobs are in high demand. This poses even bigger challenges to new drivers who have just gotten their CDL (commercial driver’s license). Jobs are most often going to truckers with the most experience in the field, which means that newbies are having an extremely hard time finding a job. Students and recent CDL graduates are finding it increasingly hard to find a full-time job in the trucking industry.

It’s not only about finding a full-time job either, but also about finding a job in the trucking industry that pays well and is good to its employees. It is not realistic to think that you can get your CDL and instantly begin truck driving anywhere you want. It usually does just not work that way.

The point is that the first few years can be a really hard time for recent CDL recipients and graduates of truck driving schools. However, there are some good trucking companies out there which new drivers should take a look at. There are trucking companies that cater more towards new drivers, or at least ones that don’t disqualify newbies simply due to a lack of experience. Let’s get right to it and take a look at some of the best trucking companies for new drivers out there right now. Let’s help you find a job!

Best Trucking Companies For New Drivers

US Express

One of the best trucking companies for new drivers is US Express. US Express currently has the second largest fleet in the US. This company does like its more experienced drivers no doubt, but these guys have no problem hiring beginners too. They have been known to hire recent CDL graduates and even people are who currently still in driving school. Now, the really impressive part about the US Express is that they will actually give you a full $7,000 in order to help you pay for your CDL classes. This is, of course, a really big bonus seeing as educational costs are through the roof at this point in time.

What is also really great about having part of your schooling paid for by US Express is that it makes it pretty much impossible not to get a job with them once you have completed your training. That $7,000 they give you to pay for your classes with is an investment for them, and they want to get that investment back in the form of getting you to work with them. Don’t worry though. You might think that US Express does not pay new drivers very well, especially the ones they just helped put through school. However, that simply is not the case.

New drivers earn some of the best wages when working for US Express, something you can definitely appreciate. US Express shows that they know that the future is the key to success and they help new drivers with their future too. In case trucking was not your first choice, maybe the military was; qualified veterans actually get paid more than normal civilian new drivers with US Express. We can’t argue with a company that sees the value which our armed forces provide this great country with and is willing to give them a little extra for it. US Express even has on-the-job training programs so you can increase your skill level and move on up in the ranks as quick as can be. This company doesn’t deal in jobs. It deals in life-long careers and they are willing to help you build that career.

The bottom line is that US Express has some of the very best trucking wages in the whole country, which is true whether you are a new driver, a veteran, or a long-time experienced driver. There is also the fact that US Express provides employees with some of the best benefits around.

With things like health insurance, dental, medication, and other things being covered, it’s a great place for new drivers to start working. With some of the newest trucks in the country equipped with high-tech equipment and safety precautions, new drivers really can’t go wrong with US Express.

Swift Transportation Company

Another trucking company which you should definitely look into if you are new to the industry is Swift Transportation, otherwise known as the Swift Trucking Company. One of the reasons why this company is such an attractive opportunity for many people, new and old drivers alike, is because they have what many call the best fleet in the business. It may not be the largest trucking company in the US, but it certainly has some really amazing vehicles.

You can expect the truck provided by the Swift Trucking Company to be around 2 to 3 years old at the most, with the very oldest trucks being 5 to 7 years old; you actually get a nice, new, and functioning truck instead of some old beaten down rust bucket that can barely make it up a hill. There is of course also the fact that the Swift Trucking Company prides themselves on paying drivers more than fair wages. Yes, of course, experienced drivers will earn a little more, but in terms of new driver’s pay, it is not bad at all.

The Swift Trucking Company has some of the best wage levels for new and old drivers alike. This company understands that keeping their driver’s happy is the key to success, which is why Swift Trucking is seen as one of the very best in the business today. There is also the fact that the Swift Trucking Company offers employees some of the best benefits in the business.

Finding healthcare, dental, prescription medication, and insurance of the like can be hard with the best of jobs. However, the Swift Trucking Company has got you covered there. They look after their employees well, something which is great for new drivers and even better for seasoned ones.

Perhaps one of the best parts about the Swift Trucking Company is that they don’t require you to have any experience in the industry. They offer a variety of training courses; they help with tuition for your CDL classes and tests, and they make it their business to help train the next generation of truckers. If you are completely new to the trucking industry, starting with Swift and the development courses they offer is one of your best ways to go.

Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises has a fleet of 25,000 trucks that operate in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, making them one of North America’s largest trucking companies. Simply put, the fact that there are such a large number of trucks in operation means that more drivers are always needed. A company with such a large fleet is always on the hunt for new drivers. Something that many people like about Werner Enterprises is that they focus on sustainable driving. They have been named one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly trucking companies in the US many times over. This might not make a big difference to some new drivers, but there are those who recognize the importance of sustainability.

In terms of new drivers, Werner Enterprises offers various programs and benefits. For instance, there is an internship program where you can learn to be a trucker from scratch. If you do an internship with this company, by the end of it, you will be more or less guaranteed a position with Werner Enterprises, which is an excellent opportunity. Werner Enterprises also offers a student driver’s program which is great for those just getting into the industry. In fact, with paid training, driving school, tuition reimbursements, bonuses, benefits, and more, new drivers have awesome opportunities with this trucking company.

Werner Enterprises helps train new drivers, give them the skills they need to succeed, and they help put you through school as well. Having a company help you out financially when getting your CDL and taking driving classes always makes a huge difference.

There is also the fact that Werner Enterprises offers really competitive wages to even the newest of drivers. The pay might not be the very best in the business, but when it comes to competitive wages for new drivers, Werner Enterprises is on point. Plus, there is also the fact that this trucking company offers drivers some of the best benefits in the business, not to mention more than enough home time so new drivers can still be with their families.

Being a veteran can be really tough when it comes to the job market. However, Werner Enterprises has veterans’ driver programs where qualified veterans can easily find a trucking job. Veterans with this company even get slightly higher wages and better benefits, which is in recognition of the great service veterans have provided to this country.

Cr England

When it comes to new drivers, one of the best opportunities in the business is with Cr England. Cr England hires both new and veteran drivers alike. In fact, this company knows that the future is extremely important, and they invest a lot of time and money to help new drivers get through schooling and on the road in as little time as possible. What is great about Cr England is that they allow people with bad credit to join driver’s classes and school without any down payments or cosigners.

Not everybody has the money to make down payments for an expensive truck driving school, which can really limit opportunities. However, Cr England knows that people of all classes and income levels make valuable assets to the company. Cr England offers rock bottom prices on their CDL classes, training programs, and for behind the wheel training too. If you are successful in the Cr England training programs, you are guaranteed a position with them once you finish. Also, Cr England driving schools are seen as some of the best in the business, offering drivers the skills they need to be highly successful in the future.

After all, the whole point of them assisting in your training is to get you on board and build a long-term future with Cr England. The firm is known to treat new drivers well because they want those new drivers to remain with the company for as long as possible. It’s an investment in the future which Cr England sees as being valuable. On a side note, something that the humanitarian in you might appreciate is that Cr England donates one meal to a hungry child for every delivery completed. This is something else that is very impressive about this particular trucking company.

As with the other trucking companies on this list today, Cr England is well known for their great veterans’ trucking program. They see the value that soldiers bring to the table and the good that they have done for this country. They offer veterans great bonuses, tax cuts, great pay, and a way to reintegrate into civilian life. With new and high-end trucks, great pay, and the ability to put you through school quickly, Cr England is one of the best trucking companies for new drivers, hands down.

Roehl Transport

When it comes to education and training, Roehl Transport is one of the best trucking companies for new truckers in the US right now. This is not an overly huge trucking company like some of the other ones we have looked at, but they are still fairly sizeable. There is the fact that they have some of the best and most advanced trucks in the business.

Most of their trucks are only a few years old and they all come with modern technology that makes them extremely safe; they protect the driver, and they are easy to get the hang of. A new driver would definitely be happy to be sitting in a Roehl Truck. Roehl Transport is known for providing their drivers with a very safe and comfortable work environment, both inside and outside of the truck.

Moreover, Roehl Transport is one of the best in the business for new drivers for a variety of reasons. First of all, this company has a great truck driving school that you can join. It has been hailed as being one of the very best truck driving schools in the US which teaches new drivers all of the skills required for success.

At the same time, you will also get the chance to sit next to more experienced drivers for a few trips, so you can learn on the go and learn by doing. This really is a great way to learn new skills. What is really great is that they pay you $500 per week while you are in training. Getting paid to train for a new job is something that new drivers will appreciate.

Furthermore, most of the time in their driver school is spent training you to get your CDL, which is yet another bonus. What is also great about Roehl Transportation is that they offer new drivers really great wages. They don’t look at you as a new driver and they pay you accordingly. After all, they are known to spend a fair amount of money on their drivers’ training, so keeping them on for the job after training is done is a no brainer. These guys even offer up to $6,000 in tuition reimbursements in order to help you out. As a new driver, you also get an additional trip start and drop compensation, toll compensation, and other forms of compensation.

Roehl Transport is also known for its fairly good driver benefits for things like health insurance, dental, and others. In fact, Roehl just announced that they have strengthened their benefits packages and have just recently raised their wages by a significant amount, yet another bonus as far as new drivers are concerned. This company has received a plethora of awards in the last few years which prove that Roehl Transport is one of the very best trucking companies for new drivers in the US today.

When it comes to the best trucking companies for new drivers, the 5 listed above are by far the best. Yes, there are other good ones out there, but none that can compete with what these have to offer. When it comes to paid training, fair wages, benefits, and schooling, they are hands down the best in the business. If you are interested in becoming a truck driver or are a new graduate looking for a trucking job, these 5 trucking companies are your best bet.